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The DFV valve operates on the discharge side of the pump. As the flow starts or stops, the ball automatically rises or falls, opening or closing the valve. The handwheel is there to lock the ball in position. The handwheel can be used to isolate, but with back pressure. The Dual Valve can work in the horizontal & vertical position.



  • Simple manual operation – manual handwheel is standard and automatic actuators are not required, but can be fitted
  • Replaces two valves – the check valve and either a gate, knife gate ,pinch or diaphragm valve
  • Rotating and floating ball self adjusts to the flow


  • Mining & mineral processing
  • Power generation
  • Sand and gravel
  • Chemical and soda ash
  • Pulp and paper
  • Environmental and effluent
  • SIZE (mm): 80 to 600. Different sizes available on request
  • OPERATING PRESSURE: 0 to 100 bar
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