Our valves are used in many applications across all sectors of mining involving abrasive slurry and dirty mine water. The valves we supply are:

  • Simple (FreeFlow and SlimLine) ball checks, and combination lockout capable (DUAL) ball check valves in underground dewatering pumps sets. The designs are proven to handle the underground conditions where conventional swing check valves fail
  • Dual’s FreeFlow and SlimLine ball check valves and (Tech-Taylor™) style double non-return valve DDNRV is ideal in cyclone feeds as well as in both general slurry and dirty water pump discharge applications. We also have numerous clean water applications to offer.
  • Isolation valves that can be used throughout the circuit from mill discharge through to tailings lines. Our Dual Rotary Disc Valves, Pivoted High-Pressure Gate Valves and Pinch Valves are especially suited to the arduous demands of abrasive slurry applications.
  • Pinch valves for slurry isolation and control applications are specialised patented designs by eDART. There are also hydraulic easy change versions in sizes up to and including DN500 that massively reduce downtime for sleeve changeouts.
  • eDART’s Dart valves of all configurations excel in fine level slurry control in mill discharge, underflow discharge launders, flotation circuits, splitter boxes and more. All the actuation options are available to suit. The advantage of eDART’s standardised designs is the availability of standard spares – often a problem where users have designed their variations of non-standard dart valves only to learn that this means no serviceability or availability of spares from anywhere else.
  • eDART’s Thief and Poppet style slurry shift composite samplers are specifically engineered for process control throughout the plant from cyclone feed (for densitometer calibration purposes) through the processing circuit and tailings lines. Corrosive liquid and dry powder samplers are also included in the range.
  • eDART’s range of samplers is also offered with standardised control panels for ease of local/remote control of equipment.
  • Dual’s Slurry Air Release/Vacuum Breaker Valves DSARV for tailings lines have proved themselves from the very first Class 300 units sold to West Australian iron ore producers. Countless units have been installed Australia wide since then in numerous applications and sizes ranging from DN50 up to DN350.
  • Dual’s Pump Protection Valves have been applied in numerous slurry applications and tailings lines in nickel, gold, and copper processing plants for protection against over pressurising.