About Dual Valves Australasia


Dual Valves Australasia was founded in 2009 by Justin Mirto and Tony Gibson in conjunction with DUAL Products Intl (SA) cc of South Africa and is based in Wangara, Western Australia. We have over 50 collective years of slurry valve manufacturing and marketing experience between us, and we apply this collective knowledge to every application we encounter in the field or enquiries received.

Dual Valves Australasia Pty Ltd (trading as DVAU Group) is the exclusive agent and Original Equipment Manufacturer representative for DUAL’s patented range of slurry valves, Hydromine Projects International’s range of isolating safety and control valves and pipe connectors, and eDart Slurry Valves’ range of dart valves, samplers, controllers and associated knife gate & pinch valves for Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

Our mission is to provide high-quality slurry, mine water valves, and associated equipment from our Principals to our customers. Only by providing excellent service and support, together with products and equipment that offer high performance and excellent value, will we achieve our (and our clients’) goal.

DUAL PRODUCTS INTL have over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of specialised slurry handling valves for both high pressure, and high wear applications. They developed through decades of manufacturing valve solutions for the multitude of deep mine dewatering and surface slurry valve issues in the Southern African mining environment.

DUAL PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL designs and manufactures their own patented range of valves. Their products and solutions include slurry ball check valve and the DUAL valve – a  combination ball check/lockout valve, slurry air release valves/vacuum breakers, pinch valves, Rotary Disc isolation valves, pressure relief valves for slurry and double non-return, Tech-Taylor™ style valves for cyclone feed pump and tailings pump changeover applications.

HYDROMINE PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturer and service provider to the underground mining-service-water-conveyance industry in Africa, providing a range of high pressure (typically up to 250 Bar rated) valves and couplings. They assess and prepare the most efficient systems for mines’ underground water reticulation and control. Operating in South Africa since 1990, over 20 years of hard-won experience with such high-pressure installations has equipped Hydromine with the ability to design, manufacture and supply this cutting-edge high-pressure valve and coupling equipment for the most demanding needs of the underground mining industry.

The high-pressure valve range includes isolation valves, pressure reducing valves, energy dissipaters, pressure sustaining valves, water hammer/shock anticipation and prevention systems, complete skid mounted pressure reducing stations and slow closing check valves.

EDART GROUP SA is a market leader in specialised and customised slurry control valves for the mineral processing industry. They design and manufacture their dart valves with standard and tailored designs for new layouts or retrofits to existing plants.

eDART’s primary market is the fine control of slurry flow: flotation level control, inline slurry flow control, and smart splitter/feed distribution box level control. Their plug shapes have been designed using Computational Fluid Dynamic techniques to approximate a linear flow characteristic and can be programmed effectively into the eDART Dual Valve Controller. Some of the products and solutions include single and dual valves (internal and external), sampler solutions, knife gate and pinch valves, pneumatic actuators and by-pass systems to mention a few. They also offer application design services using their 3D CFD program and CAD packages to analyse flows and optimise valving, pumps and piping designs in these circuits.