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The LFC™_1B Electrically actuated Isolating valves were designed to be energy efficient with a low flow co-efficient (Cv), simple and easy to operate.

Due to the hydraulically balanced design and low torque requirements the valve requires a relatively small electrical actuator with no external gearbox. This feature saves capital and long-term maintenance costs. Any make of electrical actuator can be fitted on the LFC™_1B electrically actuated isolation valve. The LFC™_1B electrically actuated isolation valves are generally used in pump discharge control, PLC regulated control or any other automated applications.



The LFC™_1B Electrically actuated isolating valve is hydrostatically balanced to enable easy opening and closing at any pressure and differential conditions. It does not require the use of a gearbox or a by-pass valve to balance pressure between the inlet and outlet. The differential pressures do not affect the operating torque which results in a relatively flat torque curve allowing for the fitment of smaller actuators.


One of the primary costs after the initial capital outlay is running costs, especially in a pump station. A valve’s Cv refers to the number of US gallons of water per minute at 60F that will flow through a valve with a pressure drop of one psi and is indirectly proportional to the amount of energy consumed to drive water through the valve. Cv should therefore be factored into the running cost of the system as it directly affects pumping cost and energy expense incurred to achieve the pumping volume requirements. Valves with better Cv values offer quantifiable energy savings over time.

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