Range of hydraulic Pipe Couplings
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The HMP™  hydraulic coupling is designed as an easy method of joining plain ended pipes in a vertical shaft. The coupling allows for expansion and contraction. It eliminate the expensive welding process, saves space and drastically reduces installation time.

The HMP™  Hydraulic coupling can only be installed in a system where each pipe is supported. The top and bottom pipes in the shaft must be properly anchored. The coupling allows for expansion and contraction and no other expansion joints will be required. All pipe ends must be properly prepared for the installation and must be free of scratches, dents or any damage. If the pipe ends are well prepared, and the coupling is installed as per the installation procedure, the chances of leaks are drastically reduced.



Designed Gap

There should be a gap between the pipes when they are installed in the shaft. This gap will allow for expansion, contraction of the pipe and the centre bolts / pins of the I-IMP TM Hydraulic coupling. In most cases the design gap will be 25mm / 0,98″. The design gap must be calculated and specified by the engineer, who is in charge of the design of the entire piping system.

Should the design gap be greater than 25mm / 0,98″, the face to face of the coupling will be greater than in the specified table below.

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