I Darts valve drawing
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eDART’s iDart valve is well suited to very deep (>2 m) tanks. The valve needs the simple steps of bolting down the mounting plate and seat, then adjusting the positioner to calibrate. The valve does not require additional internal guide plates as the guiding and stability is done on the plug head.


Standard Sizes

  • 80mm to 600mm

Material of Construction

  • Plug & Seat – polyurethane
  • Body – rubber lined mild steel


  • Supplied with or without an actuator
  • Bias Spring Fail Closed, Fail Fixed or Double Acting Actuator Options
  • Smart (HART, Profibus), Electro-Pneumatic (4-20mA), Pneumatic (20-100kPa) Positioner
  • Safety Guards enclosing feedback mechanism
  • Modulating Control or On/Off applications
  • Fully customisable design
  • Suitable for tanks in excess of 2-meters deep. For shallower tanks we recommend the TriDart valve as an alternative.
  • Anti-Rotation device.
  • Stroke indication.
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