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The HMP™_6A Axial Range Surge Reduction Check Valve stops reverse flow. It is commonly used in pump stations to stop the pump from running in reverse when the pump is stopped. The HMP™_6A Axial Surge Reduction Check valves were designed to reduce the effects of water hammer when the check valve shuts down. Most conventional check valves on the market today only reduce flow in the last 30% of closure resulting in a rapid slamming action which creates water hammer.

The HMP™_6A Axial surge reduction check valves were developed to be more energy efficient with a better flow co-efficient (Cv) than most nozzle check valves on the market today. The nozzle check reduces the effects of water hammer but none of our competitors are energy efficient. In pumping systems, energy efficiency is crucial. Energy efficient valves will allow for a maximum amount of fluid to be pumped in the shortest amount of time that the pumping system can deliver. Whereas the time to pump the same amount of fluid with low energy efficiency valves will increase. Over time this will drastically increase the running cost of the pump station due to increased energy requirements as well as wear and tear on pumps and valves.

The HMP™_6A Axial surge reduction check valve has been developed to present a robust, simple and cost effective high pressure (up to 25 MPa / 3 626 Psi) solution to fluid handling issues in any industrial sector.

  • HMP™_6A Axial Surge Reduction Check valve has a hard and soft seat. It can therefore withstand a little bit of dirt and is more reliable then conventional double and single door non return valves.
  • It has no hinge mechanism, making it far more robust.
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