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eDart has two approaches to solving industry related problems. The first is to use engineering principles and excel like calculations to understand the problem. The second is to analyse the problem using computational fluid dynamics software. Here there are two approaches which depend on the exact system to be studied. The first method is to consider the problem in three-dimensions, model it in SolidWorks CAD and apply the fluid boundary and initial conditions with FloEFD. The second method is used when the problem extends beyond a simple 3D representation of the problem to the system dynamics. Here the one dimensional system-level CFD Flownex is used. The following two chapters will clarify these approaches by using examples.


3D Computational Fluid Dynamics

eDart uses a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Software package called FloEFD which is integrated into SolidWorks CAD. It is produced by Mentor Graphics (formally Flomerics-NIKA) and supported by ESTEQ Engineering (Pretoria, previously MSC-Africa).

We have consulted on industrial flow problems using FloEFD as a tool for companies including Tellumat; the South African Astronomical Observatory; PPC de Hoek; Trucking Engineering Services; South African Nylon Spinners; Optimal Energy, Mitech/Spirax-Sarco; Peralex, Avitronics and our own eDart Products.

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