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A pressure regulating valve is designed to maintain a desired downstream pressure irrespective of the flow requirement. The LFC™_3B fixed ratio pressure regulating valve has been developed to present a robust, simple and cost-effective low pressure (up to 2.5 MPa / 363 Psi) solution to fluid handling issues in any industrial sector.




The LFC™_3B pressure regulating valve is designed to minimize wearing parts and in effect only has one moving part called the plug assembly. The plug assembly is a piston that is engineered to be unbalanced. The unbalanced plug assembly is designed to use inline fluid pressure to create specific conditions in the system without the use of an external controller or pilot. A fixed reduction ratio can be established by fixing the surface area ratio exposed to the upstream and downstream pressures. Upstream pressure (Pu) would act to open the valve and downstream pressure (Pd) would act to close the valve. As the Pd increases, the closing force increases proportionally causing the valve to close. If Pd is reduced, the valve will open propor­ tionally in an effort to maintain its hydraulic ratio.

  • Reduced cavitation
  • Low noise levels
  • Low vibration
  • One moving part
  • Long lasting
  • Increased flow capacity
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