Slurry Air Release Vacuum Breaker Valves
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Dual’s Air/Vacuum Release and Vacuum Breaker’s function is to automatically exhaust large volumes of air from the system when it is being filled and also to allow air to re-enter the pipe line when being emptied. The orifice size is generally the same size as the valve inlet and outlet.

In Operation, when the system is filled, the fluid lifts closed until the system is emptied Air may enter the valve and displace the fluid while the system is in operation, however, internal pressure will continue to hold the valve closed. The valve will not re-open until the system pressure drops to near atmospheric pressure and the ball is no longer buoyant.



  • Slurry pipelines
  • Deep well pumping
  • Waterlines
  • Sewage
  • Pump suction
  • Pump discharge
  • No blocking or leakage
  • No sticking due to rotating ball
  • Natural rubber secondary seal for positive seal
  • Fabricated and can be repaired in line
  • Self cleaning ball action
  • Cast body or fabricated
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