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The LFC™_3B Water hydraulic actuated isolation valves is based on the same design as the LFC™_3B pressure regulating valve. Water hydraulic actuated valves are more cost effective than the LFC™_3B electrical actuated valves. The upstream water hydraulic power are used to actuate the LFC™_3B isolation valve. The speed of the valve can be adjusted to any desired speed fairly quickly and easily. The LFC™_3B Water hydraulic actuated isolation valve are generally used for remote isolation, level control or pump discharge control valves. Using line fluids removes the need for any gearboxes, electrical actuators or handwheels which makes them ideal for applications where tampering is a problem.



The LFC™_3B Water hydraulic isolation valves are hydrostatically un-balanced to enable easy opening and closing at any pressure and differential conditions. It does not require the use of a gearbox or a by-pass valve to balance pressure between the inlet and outlet.

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