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Red Roc Pinch Valves are reliable, low maintenance, cost-effective valves engineered for tough slurries, dry and wet abrasives, and corrosive chemical applications. When fully open the 100% full bore design is identical to a rubber lined pipe. This design completely encapsulates the media being transported, and eliminates the risk of the media contaminating the mechanical working parts where in most other types of valves slurry can build up and impair operation of the valve or even cause complete valve failure.



  • Stainless Steel 316 or Phenoline Painted S355JR steel Body
  • Stainless Steel 316 or Phenoline Painted S355JR steel Pedestal
  • Ecoated endplates and StSt 304 cover or all 316 Stainless Steel Actuator
  • Reinforced Rubber Sleeve


  • Mineral Processing – Slurries, Mine Tailings, Corrosives, Acids
  • Power Generation – Ash Handling, Coal, Dust and Scrubber Slurries
  • Oil Sands – Oil Drilling Mud
  • Chemical Plants
  • Mineral Dressing Plants
  • Fertilizer Manufacturers
  • Sewage Effluent Treatment
  • Slurry Tailings Valve
  • Thickener or Clarifier
  • Cyclone Isolation
  • Dry Hoppers
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Paper Pulps
  • Cement
  • Pump Isolation
  • Full bore design reduces wear and increases the life of the valve
  • Flexing of rubber sleeve allows scale build stuck to the sleeve wall to break up and dislodge
  • Valves are bi-directional
  • Features a drop tight shutoff
  • Feedback Assembly may be substituted for electronic encoder if required – recommended on large sizes
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