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A pilot operated surge relief valve is designed to open when an over pressure situation occurs and has an easily adjustable set pressure. The LFC™_3B pilot operated surge relief valve has been developed to present a robust and simple and cost-effective low pressure (up to 2.5 MPa / 363 Psi) solution to fluid handling issues in any industrial sector.



The LFC™_3B pilot operated surge relief valve is designed to minimize wearing parts and in effect only has one moving part called the plug assembly. The plug assembly is a piston that is engineered to be unbalanced. The unbalanced plug is designed to use inline fluid pressure in side the valve, as well as top of the plug assembly, to keep the valve in a closed position.

With the assistance of an external pilot the pressure on top of the plug assembly can be released and the valve will open up. Upstream pressure (Pu) would act to open the valve, the pilot releases pressure from the top of the plug assembly. As the Pu increases, the opening force increases proportionally and the pilot will release more pressure. Due to this a greater volume of water being released from the top of the plug assembly, the valve is forced to move proportionally to a greater open position. This in turn causes the valve to release more upstream pressure. If Pu is reduced, the valve will close proportionally in an effort to maintain the set pilot pressure, until normal conditions are restored.


All the moving parts of LFC™_3B surge relief valve are manufactured from stainless steel which increases reliability and durability. The LFC™_3B requires minimal maintenance, the majority of which, can be conducted with the valve remaining in situ.

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