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The LFC™ flow control valve system was developed to control flow over mobile or bulk air cooling coils. The systems is designed to maintain a set flow over the coil irrespec­tive of any changes in upstream pressure or demand of flow changes in the piping system. When mobile coils are used, coils can be added and removed in the piping system as required and LFC™ _ 2A flow control valve will adjust according to the demand changes. When the upstream pressure increases and no flow control is installed, the flow in the coil will increase and when the upstream pressure drops the flow will decrease. With the LFC™ flow control systems the flow will remain constant.

The LFC™ flow control valve system has been developed to present a robust, simple and cost-effective high pressure (up to 25 MPa / 3 626 Psi) solution to fluid handling issues in any industrial sector.


Available sizes:

  • DN50 / 2″ to DN400 / 16″

Pressure rating:

  • Up to 25MPa / 3 626 Psi

Face to face dimensions:

  • ANSI B16.10
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