Dual Pump Protection Valve
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DUAL ‘s Pump Protection Valve has been designed and manufactured to provide protection against excessive fluid temperature rise, within the pump housing. Low flow conditions can cause flashing, cavitation, vibration, bearing failure and damage to mechanical seals and pump housing.  The DPV valve is titted to the suction side of the pump.  The valve can also be used to control or limit the pressure in a pipeline or vessel.

  • Cost effective
  • Uses no external power
  • Installation simplicity
  • Light weight body
  • Flushing port
  • Flanged connection
  • Long ball life due to ball rotation
  • Full port opening
  • No sticking

Body:  Carbon Steel; SG Iron or Stainless Steel Body Type

Ball:  Urethane or Stainless Steel

Size Range:  40mm; 50mm; 80mm & 100m

Pressure Rating:  0-100 Bar

Flange Connection:  To suit Pump and Pipe Line

Valve Internals:  304 Stainless Steel Body Seat; Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Ball Controller, Tensioner & Flushing Port, Helical Spring Coated Spring

Operation Temperature:  80 degrees C

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