Mineshaft and underground water systems have to account for the changes in elevation from the surface to underground working locations. High-pressure control and isolation valve systems are required to maintain specified pressures and constant flows at levels that will not damage pipes, sprinklers and other downstream equipment.

Hydromine Projects International design and manufacture a comprehensive range of such control and isolation valves, as well as complete skid, mounted pressure reduction stations, fitted with additional control components such as excess flow shutdown valves and pressure relief valves with custom fabricated pipework and coatings to meet clients’ specifications, as well as relevant ASME and Australian and New Zealand Standards.

How we can help

  • High pressure (up to 250 bar) underground service water valves and skid mounted pressure reducing and pump control valve stations in all levels of underground mining.
  • High-pressure pipe couplings are offered as an alternative to conventional flange systems to match the high-pressure rating of our valves.