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The HMP™ -TE Taper pipe coupling is a high pressure pipe coupling, designed as an easy method of joining pipes. Also commonly termed quick couplings for steel pipes, the HMP™  -TE couplings are used in high pressure piping systems. It speeds UP installation time drastically when compared to flanges. The HMP™  -TE was re-engineered by the Hydromine Projects group of companies to be interchangeable with the original Anglo American / TE taper pipe coupling.

Using the HMP™  -TE coupling will result in lower total capital expenditure due to the fact that it has a lower procurement cost, more pipes can be loaded per truck or rail carriage load, it takes less space when stored and most importantly, there will be a saving on labour as installation is quicker and easier than flanges. It can be installed in vertical mine shafts, inclines or horizontally. The I-IMP™  -TE coupling can be used in pipe lines carrying liquids or abrasive material and is perfect for mining backfill pipes. The HMP™  U-Coupling is newer technology and more cost effective than the HMP™ -TE coupling.

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