After extensive and successful site trials, South African based slurry valve manufacturer eDart Slurry Valves has introduced their Red-Roc range of pinch valves to the market. Designed specifically for tough slurries, dry & wet abrasives and corrosive chemical applications, their 100% full bore design is identical to a rubber lined pipe when fully open – eliminating the risk of slurry build up and contamination of mechanical working parts.

The valves have a shortened face to face dimension similar to that of a diaphragm valve, and feature highly visible position indicators as standard. Feedback is engineered for linear response for modulating and control applications, and can be substituted for electronic encoders if required – (recommended on the larger valve sizes).

Presently available in sizes ranging from DN150 up to DN500, they have a maximum pressure rating of 25 bar. The reinforced sleeves are colour coded to designate their pressure rating, and sleeve liners are available in a variety of elastomers to suit clients’ specific applications.

“The introduction of the Red-Roc pinch valve series is a natural progression for eDart Slurry Valves” explained Justin Mirto of Dual Valves Australasia. “The range is very well engineered – it’s obvious that their experience in slurry handling has been applied throughout every aspect of the design. Actuators used are from their own range, correctly sized and engineered to suit each individual application.”


“A further innovation is the patented design Hi-Lift in-line sleeve replacement system which drastically reduces the time and manpower required to replace sleeves. The sleeve can be replaced in minutes rather than hours with one suitably trained person and no rigging and lifting equipment required.

eDart’s range of slurry control products such as dart valves and slurry poppet samplers are already widely used & highly regarded in mineral processing plants around the world. We see Red-Roc pinch valves as a continuation of eDart’s continuing commitment  to providing slurry handling valves, service and equipment that lives to the excellent reputation that eDart customers worldwide have come to expect” added Justin Mirto.