eDart Slurry Valves are now represented in Australia and the Asia Pacific region by Dual Valves Australasia. Dart valves commonly used for the fine control of slurry flow (especially in flotation cells and distribution/splitter box applications) are now available in both standardised and customised body and flange orientations to suit any new plant or retrofit designs.

Single eDart valve – this valve is optimised for the fine control of slurry flow from one flotation machine to the next. The single eDART has a customisablebody and flange orientations to suit any plant.
Applications: Plant retrofits and flotation level control.

eDART Dual External Dart Valve – This valve has customised body and flange orientations and is valve is optimised for fine control of slurry flow specifically designed with the flotation market in mind. Applications: Flotation level control and distribution box level control.

Inline yDart valve – eDART offers an in-line slurry control valve with compact design and fine control due to the use of a plug and seat. The plug shape on the inline yDart valve has been verified using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.
Applications: Flotation level control and in-line slurry control valve

iDart valve – this is a popular self contained internal dart valve which can literally be dropped into your installation. The iDart valve just needs the simple steps of bolting down the mounting plate and seat – and then adjusting the positioned to calibrate it. If the tank depth is less than 2 metres then we recommend that a TriDart valve be used.
Applications: Large flotation cells, deep distribution boxes, splitter boxes, distribution boxes and conditioner tanks.

TriDart valve – a self contained internal dart valve which just can be dropped into your installation, bolted down and has the distinct advantage of being pre assembled and calibrated prior to shipment to site. The TriDart valve is recommended for tank depth of up to 2 metres. If a tank is deeper than 2 metresthen an iDart valve will be recommended.
Applications: Ideal for tanks up to 2-meters deep, smart splitter boxes, feed distribution boxes, small flotation cells and conditioners.

Poppet sampler – eDart offers a poppet slurry sampler of very simple and compact design, highly robust and inexpensive. These samplers have been successfully used for sampling of slurries for many years – having been designed specifically to meet composite or shift sampler requirements.
Applications: Composite sampling, daily shift or shift sampler needs composite sample, grab samplers, sampling campaigns.

Thief sampler – this slurry sampler unit is specifically designed to sample slurry and be installed and removed from the process stream on-line. It is also designed to fit onto the eDART Dual External Dart Valve body where valve turbulence provides a good representative sample.
Applications: Composite sampling, daily shift or shift sample needs composite sample, grab samplers, sampling campaigns.

Dosing valves – a self-flushing inline 3-way dosing valve used to neutralise tailings or to control the PH of the medium.
Applications: Lime dosing lines slaking, reagent dosing.

Dual valve controller – this is used to control two valves which act in parallel with a single 4 -20 mA signal from the control room. Typically this could be two parallel internal dart valves or the external eDart Dual external dart valve.

Smart air valve – this is an inline variable orifice that uses microprocessor technology to control volumetric flow rate. The result: given wandering upstream pressure (from the blower) and downstream pressure (by the process) – the delivered rate is held constant.