April 22, 2015

The eDart coarse sampler is used to provide samples of slurry from cyclone feed lines, tails lines and other mineral processing areas. It is pneumatically operated, stroking the sampler head into the process line or sampling chamber to trap a fixed volume of process slurry, and then retracting fully to allow the sample to discharge at atmospheric pressure through the outlet or dropping directly into a container.

  • It is a robust poppet sampler specifically designed for the mining industry’s coarse and abrasive slurries, handling solids of up to 12mm present in the slurry.
  • Meets composite or shift sampler requirements.
  • The integrated design features a single moving part only in the entire sampling cycle.
  • 400ml sample volume per cycle is presented.
  • The sample is released at atmospheric pressure – the line pressure is not exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Design head stroke of 70mm.
  • 50mm Barbed outlet at the bottom – suitable for mining hose connection or left open for sample to simply drop directly into a container.
  • Process pressure rating up to 800 kPag.
  • Extremely rugged stainless steel construction, featuring a tungsten carbide piston plate and polyurethane sampling chamber for increased wear resistance.
  • Site compressed air pressure of 450-600kPag is required for the pneumatic actuator.
  • Standard unit is flanged for direct mounting to a mating flanged sampling point on the pipeline/vessel.
  • Typically used for calibration of densitometers and control purposes in mineral processing.
  • Features a single moving part only in the sampling cycle


  • Sampler can be supplied with an integral flanged sampling chamber for slurry to be piped from the sample point to another location for ease of access/operator convenience. Typically this would be used where the sampling point is inaccessible or inconvenient to reach – it includes integral mounting bracket (L or R/H) designed for ease of installation onto site structural support.
  • Actuated and manual isolation valves are offered to suit individual applications
  • Integral timer module for standalone control
  • PLC control with local panel mounting to control timing and frequency, as well as sequence of operation in conjunction with actuated isolation valves to minimise operator inconsistency and reduce wear to a minimum.
  • Proximity switch for fully retracted sampler head indication
  • Filter regulator set to pneumatic actuator
  • Solenoid valve to pneumatic actuator